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How Does Distance Energy Healing Work?What is Soul Healing? Can Soul Healing Lead to Physical Healing?

Does Soul Healing Cure all Disease? What is the Mechanism of Soul Healing? How Does One Charge These Channels for Them Self?

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How Does Distance Energy Healing Work?

You e-mail me for an appointment (soulhealer@taosnet.com) and we set a time to talk over the phone (or skype). We begin with you telling me what inner healing you need. I am paying attention to the energy blocks that I can sense as you talk. We then take a deeper look at those energy blocks to identify root causes and the associated chakras. Once we feel we have the roots, through invocation of mantra and yantra, I call in the God energies to which I am connected (through the Hindu tradition and Christian tradition). Then I often channel messages from these sources which speak to the soul reasons and solutions to your root problems. Then healing prayers and healing energy are transmitted (primarily in silence) for chakra healing and soul healing. Finally I assign energy homework for your continued self healing.

This is a metaphysical healing approach to chakra healing, inner healing, personal growth, and soul development.

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What is Soul Healing?

Soul Healing can improve all areas of life, mental , emotional, physical and spiritual. Using ancient sacred healing prayers and healing energy from Divine sources to get rid of past karma and current life negativities, illusions and abuse.

The journey of the soul is the reason we are here in a body. All negativity that befalls our life is related to that soul journey. Soul healing addresses this root to all areas of life. Thus, Soul Healing is the root to all healing-- mental , emotional, physical and spiritual..

Through application and practice of energy channels from the Divine Lineage of Sri Kaleshwara Swami, Shirdi Sai Baba, Jesus, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, and Ramana Maharshi, the layers of negativity, illusion and karma are lifted from the divine light which is the soul.

The soul is the divine source within you. The soul is the pure crystal self that knows the infinite truth. Through the soul we begin to know the truth of why we are here and what were are really meant to do in this world. When the soul is healed, the patterns of karma and illusion that have governed our lives give way to the guidance of the spiritual truth that is within and around us. Soul healing is how to get rid of past karmas and experience inner healing from negaitvites, illusions and abuse in this life.

The Soul in conjunction with Brahma Consciousness (Inner Guru), the Spiritual Heart (Hrudaya Chakra) and Mind are the controllers of our experience in the world. When the Soul and Brahma Consciousness rule over the Mind we can create our lives in terms of the infinite truth. When the Mind rules the others we are trapped in a life of suffering and illusion. Thus Soul Healing includes activation, growth and connection of the Brahma Consciousness and Divine Heart.

Soul Healing also includes the need for Womb Chakra Purification. Connected to the Soul, Heart, Brahma Consciousness and Mind is the Holy Womb Chakra. The Holy Womb Chakra is a primary resting place of the soul energy. It is also a connection to karma and to the creation energies of the universe. Purification of the Womb Chakra helps eliminate karmas, negative influences of Kama (desire), and Kama's play in creating negative Karma. Womb Chakra purification can help healing from abuse and negative sexual experiences. As well Womb Chakra purification and practices can eliminate the negative effects of broken heartedness, heal some chronic illnesses and help parents to create the highest divine energies for their child during conception and pregnancy. As well, purification and energizing of the Womb Chakra lead to greater connection with the divine energies of creation and miracle energies.


Can Soul Healing Lead to Physical Healing?

Yes it can. Metaphysical soul healing can relate to physical healing, chakra healing, mind and emotional healing .

Yes. The majority of physical ill health is a result of karmic and family line investments of negative energy that are played out through the elements of the body. Thus Soul Healing, including addressing the Mind, Womb Chakra and Divine Heart, leads to release of those past karmic and family line patterns of disease. Thus, soul healing is one way how to get rid of past karma and help heal all aspects; mind, emotions and body.

Another source of illness is the lack of protection circles within the play of the creation. When we come into a body we are born into a cosmic play of the forces of all creation. This cosmic play is designed to bring us our opportunity to develop our soul's power. Within this creation the great oneness that was God and Mother Divine is split into the duality of nature. When we enter the nature (the creation) though birth, the energies of both light and dark/ negative and positive begin to affect us. The play of positive and negative and our responses to it are what create our karmas. This engagement with positive and negative and the resulting karma are the mechanism of our soul learning. Positive and negative energies affect us through the elements of nature, our desires (Kama), our past karmas, and our own actions and reactions in the world. This is a necessary play of being in the body so that we have a chance to release ourselves from the wheel of karma and find our divine nature. However, when our protection circles are low Maya (divine negativity) can hit us so strongly that we find ourselves losing this play. We experience ourselves trapped in negative cycles or being hit with unnecessary negativity even though we try to live our lives as purely and divinely as possible. Divine soul healing can increase our protection circles and allow us the greatest chance to win within the inevitable play of nature (light and dark) within our lives.

A final major influence on heath is Vaastu. Vaastu is the science of the play of the elements around us. Everything in creation is the 5 elements. Since the play of karma and illusion activates through the 5 elements, the position and relationship of the elements to one another can heavily influence how our karmas affect us. The structures and layout of the land in places where we live and work can vastly alter the cosmic play of creation upon us.

Does Soul Healing Cure all Disease?

Experiencing Some Negativity is the Path of the Soul. However Soul Healing can make that the quickest most rewarding path.

Soul Healing will not eliminate all negativity (including disease) because experiencing negativity is part of soul's developmental path to find our way back to the oneness of God / Mother. The creation we are in is made of a split of the great oneness of the divine into both dark and light/ negative and positive energies. The play of negative and positive in the creation is part of the divine plan for our soul development. Through experiencing both negative and positive we find our way back to the wholeness that is God/ Divine Mother. Thus we must experience negativity as part of our journey back to God. In fact, since positive and negative are the two split aspects of God/ Mother, where one is --the other is as well. When we increase our access to the positive of the divine then the negative shows up as well. Managing this relationship of positive and negative in creation is part of what our souls came here to learn.

What Soul Healing will do is give us our best chance to experience only the needed negativities for our soul growth and do so in a manner that leads us back to the fullness of God/ Mother. Thus Soul Healing allows us to eliminate unnecessary negativity while learning to make the remaining negativity of the illusion serve our maximal soul advancement. Soul healing is how to get rid of past karma by learning the lessons that increase the power of the soul.

Download Cindy's Satsang on the Nature of Suffering and the Way Through it 4/2012.

What is the Mechanism of Soul Healing?

Ancient Sacred Formulas

Soul Healing occurs through the application of healing energy from ancient sacred formulas of mantras and yantras. As a metaphsyical healing this involves the transmission to the client of healing energy to the chakras from divine channels that the healer has charged within themselves. This can be done in person and at a distance.
You can also charge these divine channels of energy for yourself.

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To read Swami Kaleshwar's statement on these channels go to: Ancient Sacred Formulas Mantras and Yantras - The Shortcuts to the Divine by Sri Kaleshwar

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How Does One Charge These Channels for Him/Herself?

Through the Teachings of Sri Kaleshwara Swami

Through the grace of Sri Sai Kaleshwara Swami these ancient energy channels have been made available to us in modern times. To charge various systems of these divine channels require following diksha (divine rules of gaining the energy). Though the diksha for each system is different, there are some prevalent practices. These include recitation of mantras, meditation, and memorization, and drawing of divine yantras (sacred energy diagrams).

You must have a certified teacher of these divine systems so that the information and channels are presented in a way that is true to and empowered by the energy of this ancient truth.

To contact me about classes -- e-mail me

To find a certified teacher in your area go to: http://www.kaleshwar.org/en/events_eventlist/teacher


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Who am I?

   I am Cindy Lindsay Rael. I have been an established energy healer for over 15 years. I am a graduate of Swami Kaleshwar's Soul University in Penukonda India. I have studied the ancient formulas of metaphysical healing with Swami Kaleshwar since 2000. I am certified to teach Kaleshwar's systems.

Before working with Swami I was a healer in the Inka shamanic traditions of Peru and passed all the rites of initiation to be a healer in that tradition. I have also studied with Alberto Villoldo, Jose Luis Hererra, and Don Martin Pinedo. In addition, I have trained with a number of North American Native and Non-Native healers.

I also have a Ph.D in organizational psychology from University of California, Irvine and was a professor and consultant for 13 years.


To read Swami's philosophy of soul development through these practices go to: http://www.kaleshwar.org/en/teachings_introduction

See Swami's full website go to: http://www.kaleshwar.org/en/index


Testimonials About Soul Healing

(Though these clients are attributing this to me-- it is God doing the healing I am just privileged to be the vehicle-- Cindy)

"Many miracles happen in every healing session. I have been healed of two major, chronic illnesses and my childhood and adult life have been healed. Cindy is kind, caring and an extraordinary gifted healer and person."---Judy D. distance client

"What Cindy does WORKS, faster and more deeply than any other healing modality I've used. That's because she energetically removes on many levels those deep, old "stuck" places that more superficial techniques never reach. She is skilled, well trained, kind and aligned with the Divine. Namaste and thank you, Cindy!" Anna G. in person and distance client

"She embodies the loving presence of the Divine Mother, as she works with your body, spirit and Soul to clear the blockages that may be present."--- Laurelle J. distance client

"Cindy is gentle and loving while uncompromising in her strength and professionalism. Cindy helps me to “see” myself, the world and other people, in ways nobody has been able to. Through her magical gifts and mastered skills, Cindy heals. I trust Cindy with my soul and mind." E. distance client   

"Cindy is a diamond in the world, offering her clarity and crystal facets of Love, Healing and Wisdom from her deep connection with the Divine. Cindy ignites the spark within us to learn how to connect to the Divine power we all have within us. I recommend for those who truly wish to learn how to master their own souls' healing and to know their own inner voice to seek out her Divine guidance as a soul healer. You will be Blessed!"---Debra E. student

"Dr. Lindsay is an extraordinary healer and spiritual teacher. Her depth and understanding of the human experience is unparalleled, as is her ability to heal and transform the lives of her clients."---
Selina Matthews PhD distance client

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The Choose Love Experiment


"Choose Love" --Swami Kaleshwar. This is an invitation to join me in a 'soul scientist experiment' in these trying times to just choose love. Stress, difficulties, illness, and the regular bumps of life can take us into a reactionary stance. To put yourself back on track, for one week consciously choose love no matter what. I invite you to join me and let's see what this does for us and for those around us.

Here is the goal for the week: I will choose love (courageously, consciously, and even irrationally) no matter what happens. When things happen I will notice what comes up in me and consciously choose love instead. I will notice when I am going unconscious in my daily routine and become conscious and choose love. I will notice my judgments, feelings and thoughts and choose love with everyone and everything - including myself. Wake up in Love, walk in Love in your day and go to sleep in Love.